Bingo Bash

Game Overview

Play the world’s #1 bingo game for FREE on GSN Games. Play with Chips in multiplayer rooms to win huge power-ups, gems, collectibles, and much more!

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How to Play

In Bingo Bash, use Chips to play, and gems to earn power-ups or join tournaments. Daub your bingo card when a number on your card is called. Click the BINGO button when you complete a winning pattern!

There are 6 types up power-ups that help win bingos, or earn bonus rewards:
Chip Cell - Awards a free Chip when daubed
Money Cell - Awards coins when daubed
Money Bonanza - Doubles the coin payout
Gem Cell - Awards a gem of one color when daubed
Free Cell - Randomly fills one or two cells in the player card
Instant Bingo - Awards an immediate bingo when daubed

Details about Coins, collections, and trophies are available in the game.

Look for the Help / FAQ button once the game has loaded.

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