Bingo Bash

Game Overview

Play the world’s #1 bingo game for FREE on GSN Games. Play with Chips in multiplayer rooms to win huge power-ups, gems, collectibles, and much more!

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Please note: Chips are used in Bingo Bash instead of Tokens. You'll get FREE Chips every day with the Bingo Bash Daily Bonus!

How to Play

In Bingo Bash, use Chips to play, and gems to earn power-ups or join tournaments. Daub your bingo card when a number on your card is called. Click the BINGO button when you complete a winning pattern!

There are 6 types up power-ups that help win bingos, or earn bonus rewards:
Chip Cell - Awards a free Chip when daubed
Money Cell - Awards coins when daubed
Money Bonanza - Doubles the coin payout
Gem Cell - Awards a gem of one color when daubed
Free Cell - Randomly fills one or two cells in the player card
Instant Bingo - Awards an immediate bingo when daubed

Details about Coins, collections, and trophies are available in the game.

Look for the Help / FAQ button once the game has loaded.

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