Game Overview

Speed through the deck to make as many 21s as you can before the clock runs out in this thrilling online version of the hit GSN game show!

How to Play

You've got five minutes to speed through the deck and make as many 21s as you can! Just click on a column to add a card to its total...move on to the next card by clicking on the discard pile. You can play a card in any column, as long as the resulting total is 21 or less - if you have no column where you can play the card, you'll have to discard it.

Special Cards & Bonuses:
If you play five cards in a column that total 21 or less, you'll automatically clear the column and get a "5 Card Charlie" bonus. The two black jacks (Spades and Clubs) can be played to instantly clear any column, no matter what its total!

Card Values:
Face Cards - 10
Aces - 1 or 11


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