Mad Joker Poker

Game Overview

Play Mad Joker Poker for free! Place your bet, deal the cards, and select the ones you'd like to hold. You might end up laughing all the way to the Token bank with this top-ranked card game.

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How to Play

Jokers are wild! Use them to make the best possible hand.

Place your bet and select "Deal." Click on the cards you'd like to hold, then select "Deal" again to discard the remaining cards and refill your hand.

Score Tokens on any hand of two pair or better.

Every time you win a hand, you earn a Joker Bonus. You'll receive the Joker Bonus after you win a hand containing a Joker.

If you win a hand, you can choose to "risk it" against the dealer. Draw a higher card than the dealer to DOUBLE your Token payout.

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