Game Overview

Demonstrate your wordplay wizardry and limber up your lexicon to master this unique word game by unscrambling the letters of two related words!

How to Play

In each round, you will be given a number of letters and a theme in white text. Within these letters are two words spliced together that are related to the theme. You must identify these words to advance. The letters from each word are in correct order from left to right. Click on the letters of one of the words in correct order to enter them in the area labeled 'Word 1.' As you select letters for Word 1, the letters you skip will move automatically to the area labeled 'Word 2.' Hint; if there are multiples of certain letters, make sure you choose the correct one! It is possible to get Word 1 correct and Word 2 wrong! If you get stuck, click and drag on the hint window to reveal a hint image. This will deplete your hint meter but it refills over time.


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