Word Search

Game Overview

Take a break for your brain's sake and find the hidden words in these fantastically fun puzzles! Play every day to satisfy your inner word nerd!

How to Play

Find words in the grid that appear in the word list on the left. When you find a word in the grid, click and drag through the letters to score. Words may be spelled forward, backward, upward, or downward. Find all 10 words in the grid to complete a level. The faster you complete a level the more time bonus points you'll receive. You have four minutes to earn as many points as possible. Each level has a theme located above the word grid and a relevant background image. From level three on, you are not provided a word list. You must find all 10 words for that level using just the theme. If you get stuck, click 'Hint' to highlight the first letter of a word, but use the hints wisely - you only get three of them!

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