Zen Gems

Game Overview

"Crazy Eights" gives EXTRA Oodles to anyone in the top 1,000 with a rank ending in "8" (at the end of day). 10 Oodle fee per game play. Over 40,000 Oodles won across 1,000 players EVERY DAY! *Also, snag a Zen Gems video tutorial in the Prize Center now!*

How to Play

Remove Gems by causing them to fall and break, moving the shooter with your mouse. Left clicking shoots, right clicking allows you to use the next ball in the queue. Pusher Balls shove their target into the adjacent column and push existing balls up. Fireballs destroy all but Gems, ColorBurst Balls change the color of all surrounding balls. Energy Balls remove like-colored balls in a given column. Break cages by matching colors with the trapped ball, or with Energy Balls/Fireballs. Caged Gems are cleared by adjacent matches.


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