Bingo America Online Game - How to Play


How To Play:

Play Bingo 24/7 every day of the year! Just listen and/or watch for the letter/number combination that appears on each ball, then click or "daub" on any identical matches that appear within the pattern on any of your three provided cards.


If you fill the pattern on any one card, click the "Bingo!" button to claim your prize. Be sure the winning numbers are all checked off and properly daubed, because only the first valid complete claim wins!

The prize begins at $1 and periodically increases by $, with a maximum of $25 being awarded to the winner. The prize amount resets to $1 at the beginning of each game.

Prize money will only be paid out to a winner once the winner has accumulated $25 in prize money OR 365 days of winning if the winner has not accumulated $25 by that time.


A new Bingo ball appears every seven seconds and there is a 40-ball limit to each game, regardless of whether or not there is a winner.

A clicked square displays a daub mark to indicate it has been checked.

Clicking a second time removes the daub. Numbers that are not needed to complete the specified pattern do not need to be daubed, but be sure the winning numbers are all checked off before clicking "Bingo!"

Card patterns are indicated by shaded squares and can be seen on the upper left side of the game screen.

Each game is approximately 6 minutes long and there is a brief intermission between each game, so don't close the window if you want to keep playing!

Odds of winning depend upon the number of individuals participating.



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