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Chain Reaction

Dylan Lane hosts this clever show in which two teams, each consisting of three people of the same gender, compete to complete chains of words after the first and last words of the chain are revealed. Each word in the chain relates in some way to the word directly above and/or below it.

There are four chains in the main game, each featuring seven compound words or two-word phrases, followed by a Speed Chain which can also be used as a "sudden death" tiebreaker! The game ends with a nail-biting Bonus Round guaranteed to make your brain sizzle!

Dylan Lane

Dylan Lane is host of GSN's word association game show, CHAIN REACTION, produced by Michael Davies.

Lane previously appeared on FUSE network as a host and VJ on "Daily Download" and "F list", but CHAIN REACTION marks his first stint as a game show host.

Lane brings a fresh new look and voice to game shows. With his engaging character and timely sense of humor, Lane showcases the unique personalities of the contestants and the skillfulness of the game.

Lane attended Muhlenberg College - a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania - where he majored in Philosophy and studied theatre.

Lane is a native of Pennsylvania and currently lives in New York.


Play for Free!

How clever are you? Complete your own word chains in this online version of Chain Reaction.


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